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The order, in each case, 10% of the gross purchase price of (or other arrangement) adequate advance payment shall be invalid, this can be done for individual retail current account money transfer companies in advance of issuance of invoice by bank transfer. The order of the electronic or telephonic confirmation shall not take effect! After the entry into force of the order if the buyer withdraws from purchase intention, the amount paid up in advance of the administrative fee under BHOUSE Ltd. overcome.

Paid, the order is not valid. Following receipt of the advance payment, the delivery time is calculated. Our colleague, the paid
receipt of advance payment has been confirmed in all cases, the customer's e-mail address. The price of the products ordered (the remaining amount of arrears) the buyer of the product is received at the seller's premises or delivery, the courier will pay. The full price of the product is one that can be paid in advance, by bank transfer only.

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The personal data of customers using the Privacy Act pursuant to applicable regulations. The data of the customers Ltd. BHOUSE performance of the contract, and contract stores later in order to prove or subcontractors (courier service) will execute. The subcontractors of personal information provided by BHOUSE Ltd. in no way entitled to keep, use, transfer or other persons. The address given when placing an order for future customers BHOUSE Ltd. offers or promotions may notify.

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